Help us fight burnout and fatigue among frontline workers! image

Help us fight burnout and fatigue among frontline workers!

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

Do you know a frontline worker who could use emotional or professional support at work? We at Hope to Healing focus on building resiliency skills upfront, promoting self-advocacy, and putting the “human” back into frontline careers in law enforcement, healthcare, first response, clergy, education, and veterinary medicine to combat fatigue, burnout, and mass resignation.

With a generous donation, you could help us!

But what can we do to help? It's all about the basics. We follow an A.B.C.s model to help frontline workers build their resiliency in the face of constant trauma and stress in the line of duty. You can learn more about our process in the video below!

Our work is just beginning and we need the help of more people like you for support. We’re constantly hearing the stories of struggling frontline workers but providing adequate support requires better funding to hire the talent and expertise needed for great services at a low cost. We need your help.

Would you consider offering a gift to support our first response heroes? As a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, we rely on gifts from people like you. We receive no ongoing funding from any local, state, or federal grant programs.

Because of you, frontline workers can receive the sustainable self-advocacy and professional skills coaching they need to remain resilient in their careers.

  • A small donation of $15 will provide one month of access to resources for a frontline worker in need to prevent or alleviate burnout/trauma/fatigue
  • $50 supports a resource and small groups toolkit for social organizations to reach 40 frontline workers in need from burnout/trauma/fatigue
  • $100 supports one month of our Learning Management Platform
  • $150+ allows us to conduct research in the areas of burnout/fatigue/trauma - all of which remain understudied in terms of contributions, correlations, and effects.